Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And the word of the year is...

I enjoy reading the blog of Ali Edwards, and she has introduced me (and a few thousand other people, apparently) to the concept of choosing a single word to focus upon for the new year. I found it to be a good exercise to come up with a focus for my year. I started with a fresh page in my sketchbook and just wrote down words as they came to me. Then I doodled a while and thought a while and prayed for some guidance. The word that rose to the top of it all is Sanctuary.

My first thought when I think of Sanctuary is our home. I want our home to be a sanctuary. A place of peace, shelter, safety, nurturing, warmth, comfort. I want anyone who enters our home to let out a deep breath, feel their shoulders relax, and let their guard down. I want my family to feel like they can leave any stressors of the day, frustrations, discouragement, at the door and be restored. Our home is not the sanctuary that I would like for it to be at this point. I hope to change that this year. But what about sanctuary in my life? 2008 has been a year of transition with a huge helping of stress. I definitely need more sanctuary in my life at this point. Another goal is for sanctuary in my relationships. I pray that people whose path crosses mine that need sanctuary--a safe place to talk, to pray, to share, to cry--that I can be used to meet that need. I pray that my relationships are nurturing and caring and positive and that God can use that and be glorified through that.

Sanctuary in 2009

Do you have a word for this year? I would love it if you shared it here. You can also go share it at Ali's blog.

The ball just dropped in Times Square. Happy New Year!


Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I'm so glad that you came to "visit' my blog! :) What a great word to define your new year, "sanctuary". Here's wishing you all the best for 2009, and a Blessed New Year! I'm off to check out Ali's site (haven't read it before--isn't it fun to see new blogs?) :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Samantha - I hope you're checking in at your blog because I didn't know how to reach you...I am thrilled to have you visit at the Cottage Child, and would love to continue our conversation regarding all things Episcoplian whenever you've got the time. Take care! You can access my email address through my profile if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

Hey Samantha - I would love to hear from you about early homeschool days when you have a chance - I'm trying to do a composite post from different families who homeschool for different reasons - I'd love to know about your experience! And I'd just love to visit with you! Take care! Rachael

Creative Breathing said...

Thank you so much for sharing your LLT story with me. You had me giggling! Have a blessed Sunday! Elizabeth

Jaime said...

Hi there,
Just passing through. I saw your comment on another handmade dress site and wanted to pass along a giveaway that's going on on my blog for a SUPER cute pattern.
Just though I would let you know.
Fun blog! Sorry for the random comment!